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Powrex contributes to improving people's health and quality of life through research and development on processing technology for pharmaceuticals and powder and granulation production.

 We at Powrex have developed our own powder and particle processing technologies for the pharmaceutical, food, and various chemical industries, which have continued to support our lives fundamentally. We have been accumulating our technology since our founding more than 60 years ago, with granulation, drying, particle coating, and tablet coating as our core competencies.
 Furthermore, having introduced the world's leading technologies by our partners, such as the compacting (one of the powder compression molding technologies used for manufacturing medicine tablets, batteries, etc.) and the tablet printing machine (for printing letters and other text on each tablet), we have established our organization as a one-stop solution provider. This enables us to carry solution for almost all of the production processes as a single company, particularly relating to the manufacturing of so-called solid preparations, such as tablets and granules, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.
 In addition to providing our high-quality hardware, we have been conducting original and basic research activities with customers, universities, and public research institutes for many years, accumulating the knowhow with respect to building software technology to maximize the performance of the device and to optimize the processing of powdered and granular materials.
 Further, we strive every day to offer proposals ranging from instrumentation control technology (for controlling stable devices in actual production equipment) to comprehensive engineering of production equipment as a whole.
 Powrex contributes to improving people's health and quality of life through research and development on processing technology for pharmaceuticals and powder and particle production.
 Above is a key phrase that all of our executives and employees keep in mind in every phase of our business, in order to clearly recognize the values (mission) of our company, and to continue to proceed toward them.
 The environment surrounding industry in our country has been changing rapidly, and the innovation speed for technology using powdered and granular materials is increasingly required. Globalization and borderlessness have steadily advanced.
 In the midst of such environmental changes, we continue to aim to be a constant leader in granular processing technology as a craftsmanship company of Japan. In addition, we strive to continually develop new technologies both beyond this framework, by continuous and rapid learning, and by accumulation of our original technologies to reach the new technical development goals that you aim for. Furthermore, we want to enable you to accomplish high quality and stable production, to become a company to be trusted. Finally, we will become and continue to be a company that improves people's health and lives through our powder and granular processing technologies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, batteries, and so forth.
 We are planning to enter overseas markets in the future, and would like to construct a customer-perspective support system based on our mission as a basic platform.
 We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Koji Hasegawa, President &CEO

Company Profile

Head Quarters 5-5, Kitagawara 5-chome, Itami-city, Hyogo-pref., 664-0837, Japan Phone: +81-72-778-7301 (Main)
Tokyo Branch
  Kandasudacho Place 6F,1-9 Kandasudacho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0041, Japan    
Toyama Office Tamura Building, 5-24 Sougawa 1-chome, Toyama-city, Toyama-pref., 930-0083, Japan 


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