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PRC-EVO series


Dramatic time savings in film coating time

Ultimate mixing performance
The PRC-EVO series has achieved far greater mixing performance than conventional models through the synergy effect of its three features: 30-degree inclined installation, decagonal drum, and the Smooth Move Baffle.

Outstanding drying performance
NPD(Non-pulse Diagonal) flow, which has no air jacket at the outer periphery of the drum, creates uniform air stream to dry all tablets efficiently by an innovative mechanism
that ventilates in the direction of drum rotation axis.
・Adoption of newly developed smooth-move-baffle
・Improvement of mixing efficacy of tablets
・Availability of coating in a wide range of sample amounts
・Prevention of tablets from jumping out of the drum
・Reduction of damage to tablets
・Complete avoidance of dropping tablets onto the nozzle unit

Unparalleled spraying performance
We had a major model change of the P-LAV—a high pressure, low air volume type spray nozzle. The new model has realized a wider spray area and a higher spray speed than previous models, in addition to a fine mist size and uniform mist concentration. Other added features include a built-in return valve mechanism and highly reproducible nozzle setting.



Newly developed “Smooth Move Baffle”

The Smooth Move Baffle (SMB)—which effectively mixes tablets in tablet residence (immobile) areas, combined with the inclined polygonal drum, synergistically creates the ultimate mixing performance.


Improved tablet mixing performance

The 30-degree inclined decagonal drum significantly improves mixing performance even at the deep end of the drum, and results in greater efficiency in overall mixing performance.


Permit coating with a wide volume range of charging materials

High tablet filling rate due to the inclined drum allows coating with charging materials as low as 20% of the maximum amount.


Prevent tablets from flying out the drum

As with our previous PRC Series coaters, the inclined drum prevents the tablets charged into the drum from flying out during coating.


Reduce damage to tablets

A polygonal drum and baffle structure have been adopted to eliminate tablet slips against the drum, which is typical of round pans. As a result, damage to tablets has been reduced to one third compared with conventional models, thus making it possible to coat friable tablets.


No falling of tablets onto the nozzle unit

Because of the inclined rotation axis, tablets do not fall onto the nozzle unit inside the inclined drum, which therefore prevents chipping or cracking of tablets or occurrence of uncoated tablets due to the factor.

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