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​Fine particle coater granulators-

​SFP Series(Patented)


​Achieve fine particle coating onto single particles on a fluidized bed

  • Fine particle coaters/granulators that use the particle deagglomeration and sizing mechanism & the hybrid fluidized bed technology.

  • Enable coating onto single particles as small as several μm.

  • The mechanical agitation force has realized fluidization, granulation, and coating of extremely fine particles to which such processes have been considered difficult to carry out.

  • When using the equipment as a granulator, narrow particle size distribution is easily achieved by selecting the correct screen mesh size and impeller rotation speed.


  • ​The screen and impeller (deagglomeration and sizing mechanism) suppress agglomeration of particles throughout the coating granulation process.

  • Efficient and dense coating is achieved by spraying to high particle density zones with a tangential spray.

  • Measures safety: installation of an explosion vent and a grounding wire sewed into the filter unit.

  • The pleated filter captures fine particles as small as 2 μm.

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