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Continuous manufacturing production system from powder material supply to tablet coating process

MiGRA makes integral production system possible from powder supply ~ granulation ~ sizing ~ tableting ~ coating process.

Since all products pass the same process line, the system ensures equivalent quality performance.


  • Granules suitable for tableting can be obtained stably.  Consequently, this results in prevention of tableting trouble.

  • Physical properties of the granules react linearly by adjusting the parameters and it corresponds to a wide range of pharmaceutical formulation 

  • Same granulator is used in both laboratory scale and in the production scale. Therefore, consideration of scaling up is no longer necessary.

  • Combination of each proven unit ensures high product quality.

  • Combination of small size units saves the space for installation.

  • Development cost and time as well as production cost can be reduced significantly.

■ Capacity for each stage of MiGRA continuous processing 

MiGRA system has achieved a throughput of 25 kg/hr (based on adding water ratio approximately 20%)

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